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For companies and individuals who exchange sensitive information over email, Safemails.Net is the world’s only email privacy and identity protection network that can be accessed from all devices but doesn’t require installation on any. Unlike other email encryption solutions, Safemails.Net is the only email privacy protection that doesn’t change emailing habits of the users. Your emails stay private even if your account is hacked and past emails are still protected even if your keys are stolen.

Just imagine you put unbreakable privacy shield on your email communication like PGP but without its complications so even your grandma can use it. It is just Whatsapp for emailing.

If you have account in Office365, or you can test Safemails.Net (Plugin link - or watch the video how it is working.

Update 15.03.2019: We haven’t launched yet but we admitting people into private beta. It is our pleasure to keep you updated about beta program and launch (your email stays private forever)